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Teologi Modern I : Seri pengantar 
Year: 1990 
Call No: SUS Y 005 
The Way for Happiness : A common sense guide to better living 
Year: 2009 
Call No: HUB L 001 
Teologia Semesta Kontemporer 
Year: 2000 
Call No: CON H 001 
Quest for the Aucas 
Year: 2006 
Call No: DVD QUE F 
Joseph : Overcoming Life's Challenges : An exposition of Genesis 37-45 
Year: 2010 
Call No: DVDK CRO B02 
The Failure of Success : The story of Jonah 
Year: 2008 
Call No: CDK CRO B01 
Seri Pernikahan : Ibrani 13:4 (disc 4-6) 
Call No: CDK TON S11-2 
Seri Pernikahan : Ibrani 13:4 (disc 1-3) 
Call No: CDK TON S11-1 
Orang Kristen & Harta (disc 4-5) 
Call No: CDK TON S10-2 
Orang Kristen & Harta (disc 1-3) 
Call No: CDK TON S10-1